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Available as subsidized or non-subsidized, On Market or Off Market, these plans offer qualifying "Minimum Essential Coverage" that satisfies the health coverage of the Affordable Care Act. If you have pre-existing health conditions and/or if you qualify for federal subsidy then definitely take advantage of enrolling into an ACA plan.

ACA plans are subject to Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) and Annual Enrollment Periods (AEP).


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Shop Short-Term

While not in compliance with ACA requirements, these plans can offer sufficient and adequate coverage to fulfill your most important healthcare needs. There are a variety of different plan types and choices, some of which may not be appropriate for your needs. Short-term plans do not offer pre-existing condition coverage. Make sure to carefully read and understand the Benefit Summaries for the plans you are interested in.

Short-Term plans are typically limited to 364 days per term coverage. Some insurers offer a “stacking” option to extend coverage to two or more years.


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Shop Multi-Term

These plans are “stacked” short-term plans that offer continuous coverage over an extended period of time. If you develop a pre-existing condition during a policy term, that condition will be covered in following term periods of the stacked coverage. Hence, these plans are ideal for seniors who are not yet eligible for Medicare, who want a better cost option than COBRA or who are not eligible for ACA subsidy and want a lower cost option.


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Consider combining these plans with

ancillary products to fill coverage gaps.