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It’s no secret that hospital visits can be expensive. Costs that add up include, extended hospital stays, observation stays, emergency room visits, ambulance, and more. More so, there are other hospital expenses that can prove costly as well, such as personal transportation, food and lodging, etc. That’s why having a supplemental hospital indemnity insurance policy is a wise financial decision – one that provides additional protection for you and your loved ones.


Seniors and Veterans!

… This type of insurance is important to consider for covering your out-of-pocket expenses associated with some Medicare plans and non-reimbursable VA benefits.

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These indemnity plans are designed to cover debilitating illnesses that can occur within one’s lifetime. Lump sum payments are made for illnesses such as cancer, stroke, heart-attack and more. Different insurers package plans and coverage in a variety of ways. For example, some may include a critical illness rider with an accident or hospital indemnity plan while others may offer a stand-alone policy for a specific illness, such as cancer.


It is wise to purchase this type of policy if you come from a family with a condition history that is specific to these types of plans. Also, it is best to purchase a policy earlier in age as premiums are always lower when younger.


If you are a cancer survivor or had a previous condition from a covered illness, you may still qualify for a critical illness policy provided that a re-occurrence happens beyond the “look back” period.


Read the company disclosures carefully and by all means...

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Final Expense

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Are you aware that Social Security pays your surviving spouse or child a $255 lump sum on your passing? Do you think this will be sufficient for your loved ones to handle all the costs that are associated with your passing? Are you aware of all the things that make up your end of life needs? Things like costs for Funeral home services, ceremony, medical bills, left over debt, left over household expenses, etc.? ... Make sure to review the Resources tab for more information about associated costs.


The cost of one’s end of life needs is on average $15,000 or more and prices are continuously increasing over time. Funeral costs alone have gone up over 41% Nationally in the last 14 years!


As uncomfortable as it might be for you to start thinking about this, there will never be a better time than Now! to lock in the lowest premiums that you can find. Rates are based on age and health. No matter what your future health might be days, months, years from now, once you start a Final Expense policy the premium can never be raised.


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