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Telemedicine is a subscription service that provides 24 x 7 x 365 doctor access to a physician network which can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications virtually and with no consultation fees. It is important to note that Telemedicine is NOT health insurance and should not be considered as a substitute in lieu of a qualified ACA, Medicare or Short-Term insurance plan.

Some plans provide prescription savings and an ability to search for a health care provider. This can be especially useful if you're a frequent traveler. Telemedicine is a very useful service that provides you with relevant health content delivered at the time when needed most.

If you travel a lot, this can be an indispensable benefit.

Stand-alone Telemedicine is very affordable so take advantage of it!




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Dental, Vision and Hearing insurance plans are available for adults 18-64, families with children ages 0-25, and seniors 64+ including those with dependent children 0-25. Upon the primary insured’s death, if the policy includes dependents, the policy may be continued by the spouse, if the spouse is a covered person, or by the youngest child who is a covered person, as long as premiums are continued to be paid.

Vision is an optional rider and not all Dental Plans include Hearing.

Seniors and Veterans!

... Original Medicare, Medigap and Supplemental insurance policies do not cover routine dental, vision, hearing exams or hearing aids. Consider getting a DVH plan to cover these services.

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Let’s face it, accidents happen, and they can happen anywhere at any time. Accident Insurance provides payments for expenses associated with an accident (e.g., fractures, burns, concussions) or or a lump sum payment for things like an emergency room visit or a hospital admission for sickness. Review plan benefits for better descriptions.


Accident insurance is essential for families with children and adults 18-64.

Seniors and Veterans!

… Checkout the Cigna plan ...

Accident insurance is available for enrollment up to age 74!!!