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Dan DeHanes

About Me

Located in Sarasota, FL and serving all of Florida and South Carolina, my mission is to provide my clients with prompt and reliable service that you can always depend on. As an independent agent, my responsibility is to service your needs first and foremost as top priority. I do all the investigative work for you and provide you with reports to make your decision making easy.


Clients do not pay for my services. I am compensated by the companies that I represent. Since I am not bound to any one insurance company, out of many, we can determine an insurance plan that addresses your unique and specific needs.  With access to a broad array of insurers and products, I only represent those that are long well established and highly rated.

Having personally experienced company downsizing, group health insurance loss and high cost of COBRA, I know and understand how stressful times like these can be. And in preparing to one day retire, I had no idea what to expect with Medicare or the health insurance industry overall. So, I educated myself about things and decided to jump in as an adviser. We don’t learn about these types of things until they are suddenly thrust upon us. Knowing what to do with your insurance needs is really a matter of who you can trust.

Whether you are a Veteran or a Senior, already on or about to go onto Medicare, if you are unemployed, between jobs and looking for options to replace COBRA, and especially, if you have certain chronic conditions, low income, Medicaid eligible, and/or have special needs, there's probably something that I can do to help make things better for you with your insurance  options.

My mission is to service your needs as a trusted educator and guide.


My service is to present you with optimal choices, ensuring that you fully understand those choices and only choose products that are most suitable for your needs.


My effort is to make your life easier and to ensure that your decision making process proceeds seamlessly and stress free.


When I do these things successfully, the insurance companies reward me.